Animated Accounting: Financial Accounting Concepts

A fun way to learn accounting basics!

About the Project

This project aims to improve students’ conceptual understanding of fundamental accounting principles while also developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To achieve this objective, we developed open educational resources — animated tutorial videos, practice problems and quizzes, and cases (not available to the public) — for use in UBC Sauder's introductory Financial Accounting course. The resources created through this project support a shift in the focus of instruction from rewarding rote memorization of accounting rules to promoting "big picture," concept-based learning. The initiative promotes the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills through the application of conceptual knowledge to real-life business.

This project has been designed to meet the highest educational standards of accessibility, usability and inclusivity. This extended accessibility means that everyone, including those with disabilities, can equally perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the website, animations and question banks. Our inclusion serves to involve learners from all kinds of backgrounds; and address a broad range of issues including, but not limited to access to technology, language, culture, age, geographic situation or economic situation.

The animations and questions in this project are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). You are free to re-use our content, but you must give appropriate credit, not use the material for commercial purposes, and only distribute derived material under the same license.

Our Team

Picture of Dr. Rajesh Vijayaraghavan

Dr. Rajesh Vijayaraghavan

Principal Applicant
Assistant Professor
AIS Division, UBC Sauder

Picture of Dr. Sunah Cho

Dr. Sunah Cho

Faculty Liaison

Picture of Shannon Kao

Shannon Kao

Co-Project Manager
Content Creator
Student - UBC Sauder

Picture of Yui Mikuriya

Yui Mikuriya

Co-Project Manager
Content Creator
Student - UBC Sauder

Picture of Millennium Li

Millennium Li

Website Developer
Content Creator
Alumni - UBC Sauder

Picture of Khammy Saychaleun

Khammy Saychaleun

Website Designer
Student - UBC Sauder

Picture of Dylan Nouri

Dylan Nouri

Voice Actor
Student - UBC Sauder

Picture of Tatiana Babini

Tatiana Babini

Voice Actress
Student - UBC SALA

Picture of Ashpreet Roy

Ashpreet Roy

Question Bank Creator
Student - UBC Sauder

Picture of Julia Arnett

Julia Arnett

Question Bank Creator
Student - UBC Sauder

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Sauder Learning Services

UBC Sauder

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UBC Studios

Multimedia Consulting